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Extreme Machining is a Connecticut Machine Shop who’s mission is to provide quality, precision parts in a timely manor and Low-cost fabrication of custom parts.

We have a wide range of abilities that makes it a one stop shop for any company's needs. We work very hard in making sure that each and every customer is #1. Extreme Machining is a small shop by most standards. Low overhead and an efficient workforce makes it easier to keep your cost down. Our primary goal in all of our relationships is to clearly understand the customer's products and needs and deliver them right the first time and on time. You can send us your file, and we will import it to our own CAD Program, producing parts to your design.

Some of our Capabilities Include:

CNC Milling: X Axis 35"   Y Axis 15"  Z Axis 20"
Turning: Bar capacity 2" Between centers 45" Swing is 8"
Grinding: 6" X 10"
Welding: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless, Copper

If you have any questions or would like to receive a quote on a job, please contact us at brianlivernoche@charter.net. Or visit Contact for more ways to contact us.


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